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Welcome to the Sigma Epsilon Chapter of Kappa Delta at The University of Texas at Austin!

 "KD has been a part of every major event in my life since I started college, from birthday surprises to holidays to graduations to engagements and so on. I know that I have sisters that will be my support system when times are tough and my best friends when times are great."
Kristen Shepard, PC'14

"Kappa Delta is an inspiration. Entering the chapter house on bid day, I saw beautiful, successful women that had taken advantage of the numerous opportunities the sorority provides - in leadership, athletics, academics, etc. Each woman had something unique to offer. I wanted to be like them. Through Kappa Delta, I am continuously encouraged to be the best me. I know I will have lasting network of my sisters, my best friends, and my support system."
Hannah Shearer, PC'12

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"I was on the fence about rushing initially, but I'm so glad I did because going KD has given me 250 incredible girls that I get to call my sisters! I've made lifelong friends in Kappa Delta who not only share my obsession with Starbucks, but always have my back!"
Chai Murthy, PC'15

"One of my favorite things about Kappa Delta is our date events. I love always having something to look forward to when school gets tough, and there's nothing like walking into a room of people you know and love, all together for a great time!"
Katie Wells, PC'13